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AYATER products are used in practically every paper mill and at the leading paper machinery manufacturers to ensure smooth production procedures and to protect expensive components.
When it comes to an emphasis on high quality and productivity, the pulp and paper industry has traditionally taken a leadership role. Ayater remains strongly committed to the present and future growth of our pulp and paper customers with filtration products, oil purifers and fluid condition monitoring equipment specifically designed to help paper machines achieve increased uptime, lower maintenance costs and high capacity.Our products are used in paper mills, pulp mills, paperboard mills.


Filter Element

Ayater manufactures replacement elements designed to provide better filtration.

Hydraulic & lube filtration

High-performance filtration systems can be used for production machinery in industrial, mobile and military/marine.

Filter Systems

A range of standard models satisfies the most common filtration requirements for lubrication systems, fuel transfer.

Compressor Filters

Thanks to its experience in the hydraulic sector, AYATER had developed a range of compressor filters.

Panel Filters

Frames made from cardboard or metal on which is placed the pleated media.

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