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Mining Technology

Mining is a tough, dangerous, and competitive business where profitability depends on maximizing productivity. We deliver the most complete line of filters for above and below ground mining, processing and distribution.Maximize uptime across your entire operation. Cost-effective maintenance of mining systems -- especially high-performance hydraulic and lubrication systems -- benefits the bottom line while also reducing risk.
we offer project-specific design of hydraulic systems in accordance with world-wide mining standards and regulations. Continuous system optimization in partnership with our customers and cost optimization by means of customized system solutions result in AYATER UNDERGROUND!


Filter Element

Ayater manufactures replacement elements designed to provide better filtration.

Hydraulic & lube filtration

High-performance filtration systems can be used for production machinery in industrial, mobile and military/marine.

Filter Systems

A range of standard models satisfies the most common filtration requirements for lubrication systems, fuel transfer.

Compressor Filters

Thanks to its experience in the hydraulic sector, AYATER had developed a range of compressor filters.

Panel Filters

Frames made from cardboard or metal on which is placed the pleated media.

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