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  • Mist Sprayer M6010

Mist Sprayer M6010

Bloopak’s  Mist Sprayer can handle a wide variety size.
Fine mist sprayer that is ideal for hair care products, anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray, fresheners, cleaners and other personal skin care products.
Color could be customized.
No leak,high stability.

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  • Mist Sprayer M6010
  • Mist Sprayer M6010
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The Cap,Actuator,Closure and Pump Housing are PP;
O Rigo is Rubber;Piston Pole and Spring Coil are POM;
Gasket and Tube are PE;Piston is LDPE;Glass Ball Valve;Springs are SUS 304H.
Materials can be customized according to customer's demand.

Lock System:Screw Closure


Half Cap
14/410 Ribbed,16/410 Ribbed, 18/410 Ribbed,18/410 Smooth,18/415 Ribbed,18/415 Smooth,20/410 Ribbed,20/410 Smooth,20/415 Ribbed,20/415 Smooth,24/410 Ribbed ,24/410 Smooth,24/415 Ribbed,28/410 Ribbed,28/410 Smooth
Full Cap
Metal cover

Bloopak ‘s Mist Sprayer Dosage:0.01-0.14CC


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